MOMO is a “modern industrial” restaurant which opened its doors in December 2014. MOMO is a diverse venue, with its large and open ground level restaurant, upstairs function room and rooftop deck. MOMO is a comfortable and welcoming venue with a culture where quality food, excellent service and a diverse variety of drinks are cheerfully consumed. 

MOMO is locally owned and operated and believes in supporting the community which supports them, ensuring all supplies are sourced locally and ethically. 

MOMO contributes to multiple causes within the Community along with providing significant employment in the area. MOMO prides itself on being an employer of choice, continuously investing substantially in staff training and development. MOMO makes a considerable effort to offer stable employment and training opportunities to those disadvantaged, particularly long term unemployed. Currently, there is 17 staff members undertaking Certificate III and IV Nationally Recognised Courses through the business. This figure is exclusive to the fourteen successful completions in Certificate III and IV Courses of their employees in 2017 funded through the businesses.